中央大学文学部文学科国文学専攻を卒業。その後は東京と名古屋で「Melatonin」「Orangee doll」「SEAGULL HEAD」などのバンドで活動。新宿LOFT、高円寺ShowBoat、大須ell.SIZEなど様々なライブハウスに出演する。 
同時期に「ぴあ中部版」を始め、「ぴあ関東版」「リズム&ドラム・マガジン」「朝日新聞」「東京クラブ・ガイド」などの仕事に関わっている。サウンドスタジオノア赤坂店での業務に加えて、フリーペーパー「NOAH BOOK」の創刊に参加。そんな中で自分の在り方を思案するようになり、全ての活動を休止する。 
数年の休止期間を経て、名古屋で活動を再開。44歳で即興演奏に目覚める。音楽、ダンス、パフォーマンス、映像、など多岐にわたるジャンルの人々と共演。今池バレンタインドライブでの「Impro × Groove」、さらに「strange buzz」「和即宴」などを企画する。 
2020年、コロナ禍が始まるとほぼ同時に柳川芳命と臼井康浩とともに「実験的自宅多重録音リレー式  ROW project」を立ち上げる。2021年に自主レーベル「ROW project records」を発足し、配信とCDで『ROW project』をリリース。2023年1月にはライヴ・レコーディングしたCD『Impro × Groove』をリリースする。



Reiko Nonoyama

Drummer, Percussionist. I am from Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, in Japan.

I had performed piano from childhood to high school days, guitar in junior high school days and theater in high school days. At the age of 18, I moved to Tokyo for university. I started playing drums that I've always been interested in. 

I graduated from Chuo University, faculty of arts, department of literature, department of japanese literature. After that, In Tokyo and Nagoya, I had continued to play some bands "Melatonin" "Orangee doll" "SEAGULL HEAD". I had performed at various livehouses such as Shinjuku LOFT, Koenji ShowBoat, and Osu ell.SIZE.

For a while, I had learned the basics of drums from Mr. Kozo Suganuma and Mr. Maine Funao.

At the same time, I had been worked in "Pia Chubu Version" "Pia Kanto Version" "Rhythm & Drum Magazine" "Asahi Newspaper" “Tokyo Club Guide”. I had done work at Sound Studio Noah Akasaka, also had participated in the first issue of the free paper "NOAH BOOK". Under such circumstances, I began to ponder my own way of being and stoped all my activities.

After several years of hiatus, I resumed my activities in Nagoya. At the age of 44, I awakened to improvisation. I’ve performed with people in a wide range of genres, including music, dance, performance, and video. I’ve organized "Impro x Groove" at Imaike valentinedrive,  "strange buzz" "wa-soku-en".
In 2020, as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic begins, I launched "Experimental My Home Recording, ROW project" with Yanagawa Homei and Usui Yasuhiro. In 2021, We launched the independent label "ROW project records" and release it on digital and CD.  In 2023, we released the live recording CD "Impro x Groove".

In March 2023, "Musicrep Co., Ltd." was established. I start my works with gratitude to all the people performed with me, people worked with me, live houses, publishers, family, friends, and customers, teachers who took care of me.
I am performing such as “Okawari Carbonara” “Noise Teio Guy Romantic”. While swallowing pieces that stimulate my feelings, I keep seeking about my expression.

My mother is a master of the tea ceremony and the great master of bamboo in "Sohen-ryu" and a master of the flower arrangement in "Ikenobo". I'm interested in travel, movie, theater and manga. pacifism♡